Introducing the KAI. Computer interaction will never be the same again.


The Kai is a minimalist wearable device that recognizes the gestures of your hand and converts them into customizable computer tasks.


What’s the point of interaction if it’s just not natural? With the Kai, you interact with your digital world with gestures that are as intuitive as your natural body language.


The Kai implements an ergonomic 3 finger design so that the Kai can get maximum data from your gestures with minimal intrusiveness. Who said you can’t have your data and use it too?


Our world is a diverse place and some gestures mean different things to different people. That’s exactly why the Kai lets you decide what your gestures mean to you.


Why settle for just intuitiveness or accuracy when you can have both? With the Kai on you, it’s the best of both worlds, as you retain maximum accuracy with complete intuitiveness.


Billion Dollar Gesture market


Million Professional lives to be changed


Prototype iterations


magnificent product

Our Team

We are a bunch of technology hackers with a desire to challenge the status quo.

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Abhishek Satish

Hardware Development and Design

Adarsh Warrier

Business Development and Marketing

Namit Juneja

Application Software Development

Rakshith Ravi

User Interface and Integration