You’re bored. That’s the thick and thin of it. Infact we are all constantly itching for something new and exciting and we want it now. Like most of your peers, you too probably spend a lot of time on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Twitter etc. to name a few. You spend hours browsing and scrolling through your newsfeed but what you really want to do is do something new.

Everyone has become so desensitized to the wonders of innovation that even if the specs of the latest smartphone aren’t remarkably different and revolutionary we aren’t easily impressed. It’s not just with the gadgets we use. Remember when we heard about black ice cream? It was all over the Internet! We wanted it simply because it was exciting even though it is just regular ice cream made with activated charcoal.

bored of tech

The truth is that we all crave that rush we get when we peel the plastic off something that is brand new. We crave the bragging rights we get when we have something that can do something that others can’t. We love it when we can be all rad and pretend like we’re the new cool person in town. And now, we’re bored. We’re bored with what we have and what is being offered. We’ve been exposed to the best of the best and it is difficult to awe us.

But we’re being narrow-minded here, in the sense that we are looking for something new only in the left lane. If we look to the right we would find an array of revolutionary hair-raising technology. We need to start looking beyond the touch-screen smartphones/tablets/laptops and start looking at all the areas where we can venture.

There is the Hyperloop- Elon Musk’s new project, which is said to revolutionize transportation by introducing a completely different mode. Another example is the Driverless Car by Wyamo, a child of the search engine company Google.

The transition into the future is a holistic process that requires the involvement and acceptance by the majority of the populace. If we, as consumers, want something new and exciting we need to be enthusiastic and supportive of technologies that could potentially change the way we do the most basic of things. A new smartphone that feels the same might be disappointing. But think about new glasses that do the same work as a smartphone would (but without the touching). Amazing, isn’t it? That’s what the Google Glass, the much talked about AR wonder, aims to do.

Virtual Reality is coming around and it’s going to be a bigger and better funded industry soon. Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is on everybody’s lips these days after that but that is also another field with great potential.

Patience isn’t really our thing and we are itching for cool new tech to enter our homes, empty our wallets and blow our minds. Until then let’s just keep scrolling through our posts but with a bit more excitement.

so bored